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Tom Brady Car Accident

Alongside the recent Teddy Pendergrass tribute, entertainment news has also had a recent story stemming from the sports world.  On the morning of Thursday, September 9, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was involved in a car crash while driving through an intersection in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. The Tom Brady car accident was widely covered by the media and all reports indicated that although the other driver in the accident was seriously injured, Tom Brady escaped without injury. He was not taken to a hospital and he told the Patriots that he was OK, according to a general press announcement released by the team [1].

After the Tom Brady car accident, he did not speak to reporters about the car crash, but instead went to Gillette Stadium where he fully participated in a scheduled Thursday morning walkthrough practice in preparation for the team's upcoming game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Tom Brady also suited up for the Patriots' full afternoon practice according to multiple reports.

Tom Brady Shaken after Accident

According to reports filed from various media outlets, Tom Brady was uninjured in the accident but was shaken by it. He did not travel to the hospital but was picked up by another vehicle and taken to Gillette Stadium for his normal Thursday game week routine. His car had struck a minivan, which according to eyewitnesses also received serious damage in the wake of the car accident. The star quarterback in spite of all this damage to his car and the other one was able to get out and walk around after the crash.

His agent later released a statement thanking emergency personnel for their efforts in responding to the crash, during which time they used the Jaws of Life to extract a passenger out of the other vehicle. According to a fire department spokesman the quarterback had a green light and the other vehicle passed through the intersection under a red when the Tom Brady car accident happened [2].

Insurance Impact of Crash

Again, the Patriots' star quarterback is seemingly fine after the Tom Brady car accident as far as injuries are concerned. But in these cases, injuries are not the only thing we have to worry about as drivers. Since the crash investigation is still ongoing, it is unknown at this point who will bear responsibility for the Tom Brady car accident although the testimony of the fire department spokesperson does seem to indicate the other driver might have been passing through the intersection illegally. Either way there are potential car insurance ramifications for the football star and for the other driver.

Auto accidents like this recent Tom Brady car accident can potentially cost drivers financially regardless of blame in the matter. For drivers who are cited and held liable for accidents, rates are sure to go up, and sometimes auto insurance companies even cancel their subscribers or decline to renew them as customers in the wake of a crash like this. That's because in many cases these accidents make drivers ineligible for the programs they are in. For example, a motorist in a preferred driver program with a recent at fault accident involving injuries and property damage like the Tom Brady car accident in which two vehicles were harmed and a traffic light was hit would likely no longer qualify for this type of safe driver policy.

But even in cases where an auto collision is not the policy holder's fault, there can sometimes be consequences. The propensity to make claims presents a driver as a higher risk to insure. So if in the wake of this Tom Brady car accident the star quarterback finds his insurance rates have gone up even if the other driver received a ticket for the accident, he should not be surprised.

Auto Insurance Based on Risk

The whole concept of vehicle insurance is based on risk assumption. Automobile insurance providers assume the financial risk of covering someone like Tom Brady as a driver in exchange for premiums based on their assessment of the level of risk they are really taking on. Of course more expensive cars generally cost more to insure, but drivers with a history of claims pay more than those who do not, simply because they are a high risk to make further claims in the future.

If there is one thing we can all take away from the Tom Brady car accident, it is the importance of good auto insurance and thorough insurance company ratings. A solid policy protects the driver in these types of circumstances. Find a company willing to assume that risk on your behalf by filling in the free quote form found at the top of this page. Get your vehicle insurance situation squared away before you get into an unexpected collision like this one, and make sure you are fully protected against direct financial responsibility.

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