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Tony Parker Cheating Scandal Continues

Maybe even more upsetting to some people than the news of failed attempt to pass unemployment extensions, the scandal involving San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker and his wife actress Eva Longoria took a new turn this week as both filed for divorce in separate filings. Longoria filed in the city of Los Angeles, while her husband filed in the state of Texas in response. The Tony Parker cheating controversy started in the public realm when it came out that his wife had discovered lewd texts on his cell phone that had been exchanged back and forth between the Spurs star and Erin Barry, the estranged wife of his former teammate Brent Barry. After the accusations went public, Tony Parker did admit to sending and receiving the texts, but denied having a physical relationship with Erin Barry.

Prenuptial Agreement Flap Causes Disagreement

One of the bigger issues that seem to exist between the two is the existence of a prenup. According to Longoria's filing, there is a prenuptial agreement and it is referenced in her paperwork filed in LA. But Parker's Texas filing makes no mention of any prenup. Whether its existence or relevance is being argued is up in the air. All that is clear in this latest chapter in the Tony Parker cheating controversy is that one makes mention of it, while the other seems to act as if it does not even exist.

There have been no serious jabs thrown back and forth in the press, although there was talk that Eva Longoria also was claiming that her husband had cheated on her previously with another woman earlier in the marriage that dates back to 2005. There has been trouble brewing for some time between the two. Normally the Desperate Housewives star is present courtside at Spurs home games, but she has been notably absent this season. This absence hasn't seemed to affect his play or that of his teammates as they have raced out to a great start so far with the best record in the NBA. Cheating accusations aside, it appears as though he can compartmentalize these things at least while on the court.

Cheating Allegations Denied; Texting Acknowledged

It is interesting that although in the midst of this Tony Parker cheating revelation that he would readily admit to "sexting" with Erin Barry, but deny a physical relationship. It reminds one of the similar situations involving Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre and the texting allegations brought against him, where he only acknowledged part of the claim. It is enough to make some observers wonder if athletes like Tony Parker really believe what they say when they deny cheating like this even though there is evidence to the contrary.

The Tony Parker cheating situation is also similar to what gap insurance coverage consumers have witnessed in baseball with the steroid users either denying everything outright (Roger Clemens), or only admitting to doing a little bit because they were hurt and/or young and stupid (Andy Pettitte, Alex Rodriguez). This cheating scandal is not going anywhere until the divorce between Tony Parker and his soon to be ex wife is finalized. One of the biggest issues surely will be any claim she might have to part of his new $50 million contract he received from the Spurs. If Tiger Woods' situation has taught athletes anything, it is that circumstances like these do not pay. The Tony Parker cheating allegations may or may not be true. If they are true and can be proven, they will probably cost him millions. For Tony Parker cheating probably will not end up being worth it in the end when all is said and done.


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