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Travis Heights Car Insurance

Travis Heights car insurance gets you back on the road sooner after a car accident. In the aftermath of a collision, your bills for car repairs and medical expenses can be crippling. Without Austin car insurance coverage, you are stuck paying them all out-of-pocket, not to mention potential legal costs if you caused the accident. Paying to repair your car might be the last thing you can afford unless you've protected yourself with Travis Heights car insurance.

Travis Heights is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Austin. Originally designed to be exclusively for the Texas elite, the neighborhood now includes a mix of large estates, smaller homes and chic apartments. The proximity of Travis Heights to the South Congress district, home to trendy shops and cafes, makes it a destination for people all over the city. The increased traffic that comes with living around prime real estate can cause problems for locals, though. With more cars on the road and drivers unfamiliar with Travis Heights streets, there is an increased risk of collision.

Car insurance is not one size fits all, so consumers must do some research to build the best policy for them. There are endless combinations of coverage types and limits, and first-time buyers can be overwhelmed by all of their options. A Travis Heights auto insurance agent is a great resource for getting all of the coverage you need. But do your own research as well so you don't end up with more insurance than you need.

Texas Coverage Requirements

All TX drivers are required by law to carry liability coverage to pay for any car accidents they cause. If you are at-fault for a collision, your liability coverage through a Travis Heights car insurance policy will pay for the other driver's auto repairs and medical expenses. The state establishes minimum limits that every TX driver must carry, but most Travis Heights drivers are encouraged to raise those limits.

The state minimum limits are 30/60/25. If you cause a collision, your Texas vehicle insurance policy will cover $30,000 in medical payments per person up to $60,000 per accident. Basic liability also covers $25,000 in auto repairs. Medical care is becoming increasingly expensive and many Travis Heights residents drive expensive cars. If your liability limits are insufficient to cover the damage, you can be sued for the difference.

Talk to your Travis Heights agent about raising those limits to cover you in any scenario. Generally, you want your liability limits to reflect the value of your assets. If you own a million-dollar home, you will need coverage of at least $1,000,000 to be fully covered and prevent the seizure of your home as collateral. A useful tool for many insurance customers is an umbrella policy, which adds value in million-dollar increments to both vehicle and homeowners policies.

Buying Coverage for Yourself

Liability coverage is required by law and can help relieve a serious financial burden after a collision, but it does nothing to cover your own bills in an at-fault car accident. While your liability takes care of the other driver, you are stuck with your own medical and repair bills. For these, you need different forms of Travis Heights vehicle insurance coverage.

To cover your car repair bills, you will need collision insurance. The limit you choose should reflect the value of the vehicle. You want enough coverage to total it out if necessary so you can get on your way to buying a new car. Drivers whose cars are worth less than $5,000 may not get enough value out of collision coverage to make it worthwhile. The premium and deductible may be more than the vehicle costs to repair or even total out, so you may be wise to just cut your losses after a serious crash.

If you do not have existing healthcare coverage through your employer or an independent policy, you should consider personal injury protection. Medical bills are among the leading causes of people declaring personal bankruptcy. If your injuries are severe, you could lose all of your assets and savings to treatment costs. Prepare for the worst and buy as much medical payments coverage as you can afford as part of your Travis Heights car insurance.

Although you have obeyed the law by purchasing liability coverage, not every Austin driver is as responsible. If you are hit by someone without coverage, your options are to sue or foot the bills. Lawsuits are costly, time-consuming and never a guaranteed win, and no one wants to pay for someone else's mistakes. For this, Travis Heights car insurance customers can add uninsured motorist protection.

Travis Heights automobile insurance is an investment in your financial future. Be sure everyone in your household is covered. For rate quotes and coverage information, fill out our easy-to-use form and contact a Travis Heights car insurance agent today.


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