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Questions to Ask Used Car Dealers

Questions to ask used car dealers help you choose the right dealer and also give you insight into the direction you might wish to go with the car you end up choosing. There are many different dealers in most local areas, including used car specialists as well as new car dealers that also have some used inventory on the lot. Smart buyers will visit or call several of them and ask some basic questions to get an idea of which ones might be the most attractive to them and the best equipped to help them choose the right car and save the most money on their purchase.

Haggling on Used Car Pricing

Many used car dealers set their prices high, providing wiggle room for buyers that come in wanting to haggle. But an increasing number are setting up haggle free prices, meaning that the price on the window is the price you pay. There are many buyers that really value this feature in a used car dealer. Ask dealers in your area if they feature haggle free pricing and skip the headache and the hassle of negotiating back and forth on a car. Some have special online pricing that could include new car collision insurance policies that achieves this for you as a buyer; this can be a good option to investigate for consumers.

Certified Used Vehicles

Some manufacturers have certified used vehicle programs that basically guarantee the vehicles that qualify for the program are free of defects. These cars usually come with a much better warranty than other used cars, often a warranty that compares to those offered on new cars. If this is something that interests you, ask a dealer to show you their certified used cars and see if they have these program vehicles on their lot. Find out the terms of the certification program, the inspection process for these cars and of course the details on warranties and pricing. Certified used vehicles cars can be a great value if the terms of the agreement are favorable to you as a buyer.

Used Car Dealer Return Policies

Return policies are another important detail to ask about because they lend insight into the extent to which dealers stand behind their vehicles. The best dealers feature some sort of return policy that allows you to return the car for a certain length of time after purchase for a full refund of the purchase price. This gives you some comfort as a buyer knowing that if the vehicle you choose happens to be a lemon, you are able to take it back without losing your shirt on it. In most cases return policies cover relatively short periods of time, but even a 30 day policy gives you a fair opportunity to get to know the car and see how it performs.

Warranties for Used Vehicles

In most cases, late model low miles cars carry the balance of their original manufacturer warranties. In some cases, you might find used car dealers that offer additional protection beyond this term to help entice the buyer to make the purchase. The best dealers offer some sort of substantial warranty protection on their cars. This is one of the most important questions to ask. Be sure to find out not only if a warranty is offered, but also how many miles it is good for, what it covers, whether deductibles are involved, and whether the car has to come back to the dealership for repair work in order for the warranty to be honored. Find out the answers to these basic used car questions and choose a good dealer, and get car insurance quotes to save even more money.


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