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Vandalism and Auto Insurance Rate Changes

Unfortunately, cars are often the target of such things as vandalism, and this can lead to a lot of damage to vehicles. Most people have to park their cars on the street or in their driveways because there is no other space. When this happens, it leaves you open to lots of things happening to your car. The most common result of this is that a window gets smashed in or a car gets scratched, sometimes it is simply an accident, but other times it is a malicious act.

If you have been a victim of vandalism, then you know how much damage it can actually cause. Vandalism may cause you to make a claim on your vehicle insurance policy, or it may cause you to have to pay damages out of your own pocket. Either way, the situation is not good, and it is going to cost you one way or the other. Paying to make a claim on your car coverage policy is probably cheaper in the short term, but this can actually have an effect on your rates. In the end, it could actually cost you quite a tidy sum of money.

Consequences of Making a Claim

If you have to make a claim on your car insurance policy due to vandalism, then you are going to have to pay out money from your own pocket and consider late insurance coverage payment fees if they apply. You'll have to pay the premium that you chose at the start of your policy if you want to get any benefits at all. Once you pay your premium, then your insurance company will be responsible for paying the rest of it. Such an event is going to cost your insurer money no matter how you look at it. Because of this, your rates could end up going up.

Every time you have to make a claim, this is going to go on your insurance file. Your provider will keep track of these incidents and will use them when trying to evaluate what kind of rates to offer you when you are up for renewal. When you keep having to make claims, regardless of whether or not they are you fault, your provider is probably going to increase the price you have to pay for car coverage. It's just as simple as that. You might be able to make a case for yourself, but most providers have to do what is necessary to make a profit.

If certain types of claims are going to definitely end in a rate increase, then some providers will actually indicate this in the language of the policy. If you want to know what your policy is like, then you need to go looking for it. If you can't find what you are looking for, then you may want to bring it up with your agent. It's better for you to know this information beforehand if possible, so that you can know what to expect when something happens.

Increase Your Comprehensive Coverage

If you have been the victim of vandalism before, then you may actually want to increase your comprehensive coverage limits. This is the type of coverage that you will have to have if you want to make a claim for damages that are the result of vandalism. It will cost you some money to do this, but it is better to be safe than to be in a bad financial situation later on down the road. Your provider still may increase your rates, but you will be better prepared. Find out what you can about vandalism and auto insurance rate changes.


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