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Choosing Great Vehicles for Hauling Kids

Choosing great vehicles for hauling kids is completely different from buying a car with only you and maybe your boyfriend or girlfriend in mind. Once we settle down and have families, our needs in autos completely shift. That car that was so fun to take out on a Saturday night now irritates you because you have to slide the front seat up every time you want to load or unload the baby seat. And when your seven year old wants to have his friend sleep over, it feels like everyone is crammed on top of each other. When your family outgrows a car, it is time for something different.

Best Features for Family Cars

But how do you choose the very best vehicles to choose for your growing family? As time goes by, automakers produce vehicles with more and more family friendly features. Just like when you're learning DIY auto repairs, get to know some of those features and decide which ones are the most important to you. The truth is that in today's market there are many great vehicles oriented toward riding with kids. You just have to pick the one that you like best.

Safety Features in Family Vehicles

Just as when you're comparing internet auto insurance options, the top of every parent's list is safety. This is going to be true from the time your little girl first comes home to the hospital until she leaves the home for good. Even teens need to be safe out back or in the front seat when they borrow your car to go out with friends or drive to after school jobs. There are some specific safety features that are very important to look for, such as crash test ratings, specifically side impact ratings because these are the types of accidents that most often injure rear seat passengers.

Space Considerations and Family Cars

It is also important to have a car or SUV that has enough space for everyone and everything. When your little girl is just a baby she is small, but the stuff you have to bring with you everywhere you take her is not small. The diaper bag and the car seat alone take up a lot of room. Make sure there's adequate trunk space or room for storage; and back seat leg room as well for the older kids especially. Thinking about these things is very important if you would like that new minivan or SUV to stand the test of time and continue being the family wagon even as the gets get bigger.

Cars and Convenience Features

Being a young parent is tough. Carrying the baby in from the grocery store in one hand and six bags of groceries in the other leaves no more hands to open the trunk, rear hatch, or side door. Power doors and power hatches are a mom and dad's best friend, and remote start might be second in line for that title. The more you spend time hauling kids in and out of that vehicle, the more you see these are not frivolous features at all. Get all of the great features you can afford; it is worth every last penny.

Stain Resistant Auto Interiors

Perfect family cars also have stain proof interiors, so keep this in mind when you're choosing great vehicles for hauling kids. Again, this is something well worth investing in but only if you have the extra money. Otherwise, put towels down under the car seats and do the best you can. Try to cut other costs like your car insurance premiums by getting multiple quotes and seeing where you can find better deals, to make it easier to pay for that perfect family car for hauling kids around in.


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