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Velvet Revolver Releases Live DVD

Probably more interesting to music fans that news of the Tony Parker cheating scandal, hard rock supergroup Velvet Revolver has released a new live DVD with concert footage filmed back in 2005. The DVD was taken at a show in Houston Texas and also features interview footage with each member of the band. In 2004, Velvet Revolver burst onto the scene as a group with lead singer Scott Weiland originally of Stone Temple Pilots and guitarists Slash and Duff McKagan from Guns n Roses. The band in that original format was somewhat short lived, although they did manage to chart some singles and do extensive touring before removing Weiland from the band in 2008.

No one has yet been selected to replace Weiland and provide the lead vocals for the band, although another replacement frontman, Myles Kennedy from Alter Bridge, has been used as part of Slash's solo touring band and in some solo recordings of his as well. Kennedy's Alter Bridge band is essentially Creed minus Scott Stapp, who parted ways with the other band members for some time before the group eventually reunited. Weiland's well documented drug troubles were a big factor in the breakup of the band, the same thing that led to his dismissal from STP (although that band is now back together and Weiland is by all accounts drug free these days).

Details of DVD Release

The Velvet Revolver DVD release should appeal everyday rock fans and gap insurance coverage holders because it showcases a good mix of tunes that appeared on the playlist that night in Houston in 2005. Along with some of the Velvet Revolver songs that appeared on their 2004 debut album such as "Slither," the band also performed two STP and two GNR songs. The Stone Temple Pilots songs were "Crackerman" and probably their biggest hit from the album Core, "Sex Type Thing." The Guns n Roses tunes were "It's So Easy" and a concert classic, "Used to Love Her". This eclectic mix that brought in some of the band's varied musical history makes the Velvet Revolver DVD pretty interesting, and since it is available on Amazon and other sites pretty cheap, the suspicion is many fans who yearn for the 1990s style rock that Velvet Revolver brought to the stage will want to pick this one up.

Supergroups and Band Breakups

It is interesting sometimes to witness the phenomenon of supergroup creations such as Velvet Revolver and Audioslave (a mix of Rage Against the Machine and Chris Cornell of Soundgarden fame). This band in particular did not wait for anyone else to give it this type of label, instead announcing its own existence as a supergroup and ostensibly trying to erase any memory of previous incarnations the various group members had been involved with. Yet these groups often don't last as long as the previously broken up bands they are trying to replace, and Velvet Revolver was no exception. They are so active as a group that they have been without a lead singer for two years and counting and no one has noticed.

And their one angle on a possible replacement is already a replacement frontman for a band that barely exists these days since the band it was trying to replace is now back together. Velvet Revolver was an interesting experiment but the chemistry or the camaraderie was missing, something that bands need to put up with each other for the long haul despite the shortcomings of the individual members. Yet even so, Velvet Revolver was fun to listen to, and this group certainly had a nice sound that was ready for the radio and the arena.


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