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Vintage Vehicle Car Insurance

Vintage vehicle car insurance is a very specialized part of the market set aside for very special autos. Purchasing vintage car insurance is a little bit different than trying to find coverage for an ordinary car through a standard carrier, for multiple reasons. For one thing, vintage vehicles are notoriously difficult to appraise. Settling on a cash value for a 50 year old car is much harder than determining one for a five year old truck. It is very important for collectors to work with companies that are willing to be reasonable and cooperative in the determination of cash value of the cars they insure. Most of the time traditional standard carriers are not the best choice when it comes to finding options for insuring vintage vehicles. You may be even be required to have some kind of insurance simply because the vehicle is vintage (in the case of vehicle liens and insurance). Fortunately for all of us who own these classics and antiques, there are other options. And the online market makes it much easier for us to locate them.

Look for Vintage Insurance Specialists

Definitions vary on exactly what makes a car vintage. For some, it is a simple age formula. If your car is old enough, it qualifies. For others, there are additional elements involved, such as the condition of the car or its rarity. Nonetheless, regardless of any nitpicking about denotative meaning, vintage car owners usually know what they've got parked in the garage. If your car qualifies you have more choices than ever to get a good deal on your car insurance. As the online market has grown both in size and stature, the emergence of more specialty companies has been an ongoing trend, one not expected to halt.

In many cases the best place to begin your search for insurance representation for your collectible is by talking to owners of other vintage cars. In most states there are auto clubs where owners get together and talk about their rides, stage auto shows and ride around together. These are some great places to make contacts and also to get some good information on how you should go about getting a good deal on quality coverage for your old automobile. Find out which companies selling policies near you are trustworthy.

Traditional Insurers and Vintage Policies

There are many traditional car insurance companies that do offer vintage auto insurance policies. In most cases, mainstream companies do not specialize in these areas. But there are some cases where they own a subsidiary company or have a division that can get you a better price on your coverage. In any case, there is nothing wrong with investigating the possibility of working with your existing insurer for your vintage policy. However in many cases we find as drivers and auto owners that specialists that deal with vintage cars are able to offer better prices than standard insurers on these specialized vehicles. Their connections with parts suppliers and collision shops among other things help them more efficiently serve their customers in many cases. Still it could be worth getting your auto insurance this way because you may be able to get multi car discounts that could save you money on your overall rates.

Establish Agreed Upon Cash Value

When it comes to vintage car insurance, one of the most difficult aspects of the process of getting insured is establishing a value to base the insurance coverage upon (similar to buying business car insurance). Agreeing on a value is not nearly as much of an issue for most cars. But for vintage cars there can be a huge disparity in value even among cars of the same make and model made in the same year. Owners and insurers have to be on the same page for things to work the way they should.

Vintage cars usually are not bought and sold out on the regular automobile market. For this reason their value can be somewhat tough to pin down. Basically, most owners would think of their value as the amount of money they could get a fellow collector to pay to buy them. Regardless of whether you work with a specialist or a mainstream company, this could potentially be a source of conflict. But you can make some headway with persistence. Insurers might ask for maintenance and repair records and receipts to get that value up to where you want it. It is a good idea to keep track of these records anyway, but this gives you one more bit of motivation to do it.

Sometimes it can be a real chore to get an insurance company to buy into your idea of how much a car is really worth to you. But if there are parts on the vehicle that are difficult or impossible to replace, you have to protect your investment. This is one reason why specialists can be easier to work with on vintage vehicle car insurance.


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