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Virginia Tips for Car Insurance Savings

If you're looking to save money on car insurance in Virginia, check out these handy tips. While they may not all apply to your situation, if you follow as many as you can you will probably find your insurance rates going down. Simply educating yourself can go far towards helping you find lower premiums on the car insurance you and your family need. It's easy to save money on your auto insurance when you know how.

Before You Buy

Before you even approach an auto insurance company for a quote or about purchasing insurance, make sure you know what you need. Virginia has certain minimal amounts of auto insurance they will require you to carry, so make sure those are covered.

Beyond the minimal insurance, you'll want to decide which insurance coverage is best for you based on who you are trying to insure, the vehicles they drive, and your overall financial situation. Your automobile insurance coverage should fit your particular circumstances, not some general situation or worst case scenario that an insurance company might try to sell you on.

If all of the drivers on your policy are safe drivers, they might not need to carry as much insurance. On the other hand, it will cost less to cover them, so some extra coverage might be worth it. If your vehicle is relatively new or would cost you a lot to replace, you'll probably want to get collision and/or comprehensive coverage on it, so you don't have to cover any damages out of pocket. On the other hand, you don't need nearly as much coverage on a vehicle you could easily afford to replace out of pocket.

If your financial situation is precarious, you will want to evaluate the auto insurance coverage that you choose very carefully. You may only be able to afford the minimal required coverage. On the other hand, you may know that you would not be able to replace your vehicle if something happened to it and so might want to carry more coverage than you otherwise would because of this knowledge.

As part of evaluating your financial situation, check your credit report and credit score. Having a lower credit score will cost you more in raised vehicle insurance rates, because auto insurance companies have determined that people who take more risks with their money will take more risks on the road. Thus, your credit score may help determine how much car insurance you can afford.

Finally, be sure to keep your driving record clean, at least as far as it is up to you, while you are in the market for car insurance. This will ensure that each company you speak with gets as positive an impression of you as possible, because they will see you as a safe driver. In addition, it will allow you to be eligible for some of their lowest rates.

If your driving record is not clean, consider waiting to purchase new insurance until it is. While each automobile insurance company in Virginia has their own policies about how long an accident or moving violation stays on your record, after a certain period of time those offenses will be removed and your record will be clean again. It might be worth your while to wait until this occurs before you but new insurance for your vehicle.

As You Shop For Car Insurance

Before you purchase a car insurance policy, shop around to make sure that you're getting the best price. When you speak with different companies or get quotes online, make sure that you're asking each company for their costs on the same types of auto insurance with the same deductibles. For instance, if you'd like a quote on $50,000 worth of bodily injury liability coverage or collision on your vehicle with a $200 deductible, make sure you ask each company you deal with for quotes on those specific numbers.

In addition, make sure you ask each company for multiple quotes. For instance, you may want to get a quote for $25,000 of property damage liability coverage and $50,000, or you may check out how raising the deductible on your comprehensive coverage from $200 to $500 would change your overall premium cost. This will let you decide exactly how much of which types of coverage you'd like to purchase, in full knowledge of how all the numbers work together.

You may find that raising your deductible makes a substantial difference in the overall cost of your auto insurance in VA. Many consumers are surprised at the difference this makes. While you don't want to assume a deductible that you could never afford to pay, choosing a higher deductible that you could pay can save you a significant amount of money.

If you're still concerned at how high your Virginia auto insurance rates are, make sure you've cut out all the extras, like roadside assistance. Sometimes, these end up on your policy and you forget about them, or the insurance company adds them automatically unless you specifically request that they don't. While these usually don't cost too much, they will add to your premium and so cutting them will cost you less.

When you're looking into auto insurance and getting quotes, make sure you find out which discounts each company will offer you and how many of them you qualify for. There are discounts for all sorts of things, from maintaining a safe driving record to taking driver education classes, so be sure you look into all the possibilities.

You may also want to ask whether a particular company will reduce your rates if you maintain multiple policies with them. Some companies will give you a discounted premium for both your automobile insurance and the other policy if you choose to enroll in life insurance, homeowners insurance, rental insurance, or even health insurance with the same company. Before you take this route, make sure that you need both types of policies. Otherwise, this will only cost you more money.

You might also be able to save money by putting multiple drivers or vehicles on your policy. Some insurance companies will lower the premiums for each additional driver or vehicle that you add as an incentive to purchase insurance through them. Check especially to see if this might help any drivers you insure who have less than perfect driving records.

Finally, check with each VA auto insurance company that you speak to about whether they will discount your rates if you pay in full, instead of monthly, and if you continue to renew your policy with them. Insurance companies like to know that they're going to receive their money and that they've kept your business, so sometimes will reward you for helping them out with those things.

When you follow these easy tips, you should find yourself with significant savings on car insurance for you and your family. If you're still not satisfied with your Virginia auto insurance rates, be sure to talk about that with your auto insurance company, agent, or broker, as sometimes there are things they can do to reduce your premiums that you might not know about otherwise.


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