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Volkswagen Smart Keys

Volkswagen Smart Keys are safety features that can also make getting in and out of your vehicle a breeze. When you are purchasing your new vehicle, you will have the option of adding this as a feature. If you aren’t sure about wanting to spend the extra money on the feature, perhaps you should spend some time considering all of its major benefits. While you will spend some extra money now on this advanced piece of technology, you could prevent your car from being stolen in the future. This could save you thousands of dollars.

How Your Smart Key Works

A Volkswagen Smart Key can affect the price of your car insurance claims might seem complicated, but it is actually pretty easy to understand. The technology in the key is in constant communication with the anti-theft system that will immobilize the vehicle if something suspicious is going on. If a person who does not have your VW Smart Key attempts to start your engine in any way, then the immobilizer system kicks in. This system sends a code to the car's electronic infrastructure causing it to lock down different parts of the car, including the ignition, fuel system, and the steering system. The only way to unlock it again and make it work is by using your Volkswagen Smart Key.

Effective Results

The Smart Key on each Volkswagen is unique in design. As such, duplicating a Volkswagen Smart Key is a very complicated process, one that most thieves cannot crack. In fact, your VW Smart Key is secure because only a few select people can actually program the key. You must either go to a dealer or to an authorized vendor to get your VW Smart Key programmed. Only these officials can ensure that the anti-theft device and the Smart Key's transponder have the same code and will work properly will one another. This knowledge should provide VW owners who choose this technology with some added peace of mind.

VW have conducted a variety of studies that are meant to indicate whether or not the Smart Key is an effective means of deterring criminals. According to these studies, there are fewer thefts among Volkswagen models that are equipped with the VW Smart Key and anti-theft technologies. If these studies are anything to go by, then purchasing a VW Smart Key for your vehicle is certainly not a bad idea. If you’ve purchased such a safe vehicle already, then there’s no point in holding back on one type of safety feature.

Is it Worth It?

A lot of drivers have to make tough decisions when it comes to which features to install on their new vehicles. Volkswagen cars certainly have a lot of different options to choose from, and the Smart Key is just one of them. As a driver, you may be wondering whether investing in this technology is actually worth it or not. If you are thinking this way, then you might want to consider how much you have already invested in our vehicle and what it would be like to lose all of that money. If you don’t have a Smart Key, then you run the risk of your vehicle being stolen and never recovered.

In addition, you may want to consider how having a Smart Key will add to the resale value of your vehicle in the future. If you plan to upgrade to a newer model Volkswagen in a few years, then you will want to consider how much you can get for a VW with top features such as Smart Keys. Think about this carefully when deciding if a Volkswagen Smart Key is worth it.


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