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What is an auto insurance policy declaration page?

Your automobile insurance policy declaration page is essentially a summary of all of the important information you will need to know about your car insurance policy. This page is sometimes referred to as the "dec" page for shorthand purposes.  

At the very top of the page, you will find three important pieces of information. The name of an insurance company will be at the top of the page. This is the name of your insurance provider. You may also see a name that may include words such as "broker" or "dealer". If you purchase your insurance policy from a brokerage firm, this will be their company name. Your policy number should be at the top of the page as well. This is important because this number is used to reference your policy should you have to file a claim or make a change to your policy. You may also see your previous policy number here if you are purchasing continued coverage from an insurance provider. Under the policy number, you will be able to locate your policy period dates. These are the dates of that your policy's coverage are in effect. Next, you should see your name and address, as well as the names of any other motorists insured on your policy. 

After that, you will see the description of the vehicles covered by your policy. This information should include the year, make, and model of each car. Occasionally the color of the vehicle is listed as well for distinguishing purposes. Following each car's description will be the forms of coverage allotted to each vehicle. The monetary limits of your coverage will also be listed here. This will allow you to determine which car you hold a particular type of insurance on and what the monetary amount of that insurance is. Next, there will be the breakdown of the rate each vehicle is charged according to the forms of insurance it has. Then there will be listed the loss payee, lien holder, and additional interest section. This is the information for the financing company (i.e. a bank) that loaned you the money to purchase your car. The company is considered to be a partial owner of the vehicle, and thus it must be represented in some way on the page. This lender will have a copy of the page as well.

It is prudent for you, as a consumer, to review and ascertain that the information on your declaration page is accurate. You should also keep a copy of this page for your own personal reference. If you should decide to switch to another insurance company in the future, this can provide adequate proof of coverage for you so that you can possibly obtain a discount from your new insurer. This page will be produced at the time in which your new policy takes effect or upon the renewal of an older policy. If it is the latter, it will be referred to as a renewal declaration page. If you should decide to add a rider to a later policy, an endorsement declaration page will be added to your records to reflect the updated changes.  You should always keep a copy of these pages for your records.


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