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What's the cheapest insurance for young drivers?

Locating the lowest priced car insurance rates for a teenager follows the same route as finding cheaper insurance for an adult. By obtaining insurance quotes from multiple companies, a young adult can discover the most affordable rates for a policy rather quickly. The best way to do this is just to go online and have the computer do all of the work as it is much more efficient than contacting multiple car insurance companies individually. Many insurance providers offer policies with affordable rates for young drivers, despite their perceived reputation as high risk motorists. However, a little research and homework will be necessary to find them. A teenager can expect to pay higher insurance premiums than an adult, but that does not mean that he or she must pay astronomical premiums for coverage.

As with experienced drivers, the rates from one company will not be the same for any two motorists. Your location, your vital statistics, and your driving history will all influence your monthly rates. The desired type of coverage and the vehicle you wish to insure factor into this determination as well. Although recommendations from friends can be taken into consideration when selecting a company to do business with, ultimately your decision will be determined upon who has the lowest rates. 

For drivers who are under the age of twenty or who have had their license less than three years, certain discounts, like a safe driver discount, may not be available to you. However, there are certain ones that are geared toward young drivers in particular. If a teen uses a vehicle with a low annual mileage count, this can assist them in obtaining a low rate. A student who has maintained exemplary grades in school may be awarded a discount for being a good student. Customer loyalty and continuous coverage can also be awarded in the forms of discounts. The completion of a driver's education course may assure you lower rates as well. Practical advice and knowledge can assist a young driver in many ways. You should inquire with an insurance agent about others that may be available for you. Generally, after a driver has obtained more than three years worth of history, another plethora of discounts will become available to him or her. 

There are other methods a motorist can undertake when attempting to save money on car insurance rates. If you have an older vehicle, you may want to consider maintaining only the minimum amount of coverage. If you must maintain collision insurance on a car, select a high deductible. It will lower your monthly rates. Additional fees may be avoided by paying the entire amount of your policy's purchase price upfront. After you have received your car insurance quotes and selected an insurance company to do business with, inquire on specific options available to young drivers with the company. By doing the right comparison of various policies, you should be able to find a low rate at a young age.


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