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Wheeling Car Insurance

Wheeling car insurance is a subject many West Virginia citizens do not take the time to research as well as they should. Many people know that, by law, they must obtain car insurance in order to drive legally on Wheeling streets, but many people do not necessarily realize the differences between different types of policies available. There are far too many people to simply choose minimum West Virginia car coverage without taking the time to explore other opportunities. However, just by taking a few minutes to learn about what different forms of policies can do for you, you will have a much easier time comparing providers, rates and choosing more coverage for affordable rates.

As an early British settlement town, and one of the original capital cities of WV, Wheeling is a city that is rich in history and proud of its roots. It is home to both private and public state colleges and universities as well as prominent state employers. Although the city is fairly small, it is incredibly close to Pittsburgh, and thus people are constantly coming and going. With so many people on the roads, having good Wheeling auto insurance coverage is supreme.

Renewing Your Policy

At the end of every Wheeling automobile insurance period, your Wheeling insurance provider will mail you a package of information notifying you that your current period is ending while also providing you information about how to renew your plan and a quote for how much your premiums will be. The time frame before the deadline to renew is the perfect time to start comparing rates. Although you may ultimately choose to renew the same plan again, it is at least worth time to find out if there is better coverage for a better price available with another provider.

All too often, people renew their policies without even checking to see if another company can quote them a lower price. People feel they are too busy to compare Wheeling car insurance rates and would rather take the risk of paying a little more for their protection than to take the time out of their hectic schedules to browse rates. Although it may seem like a tedious process, it is very simple to obtain and review Wheeling teenager car insurance prices online without ever leaving their home.

We’re all constantly claiming that we want to save money, but few people actually put much effort into saving money on their Wheeling vehicle insurance. Every year, people spend hundreds of dollars for coverage they could get through another company for a fraction of the price. In minutes, you can not only discover lower rates, but contact a new Wheeling provider and set up a new plan before the deadline for your renewal has even ended.

Types of Coverage

There are several different types of coverage available in Wheeling, WV, and many of them fall into a wide range of budgets. Even if you’re nearly certain there is no way you could afford more than the minimum amount of coverage required in West Virginia, taking a few minutes to see what else is out there can’t hurt. In fact, you might be surprised by what you find. In order to take full advantage of a car insurance, it’s a good idea to learn what each type provides.

Liability coverage is generally the minimum amount required in any state, and it is also the cheapest. Most people take this plan based on price and legal need, but few people really know what this plan covers – and what it doesn’t. If you have liability car insurance and you are found at fault for an accident, your insurance will cover damages to the other person’s car. This Wheeling car insurance also provides you with access to legal defense in the event that the other driver files a lawsuit. However, this type of protection does not cover any costs to your own damage.

Collision car insurance covers when your car hits another car, but also if another vehicle hits you. The only thing you are required to pay in this case is your chosen deductible. However, if your car is stolen or is damaged by another person, animal, a fire, a flood or most other weather-related incidents, then you must have comprehensive coverage in place.

Uninsured motorist coverage is handy to have due to all of the other drivers in WV who failed to buy a Wheeling car insurance policy. Although we all hope we never have to deal with a hit-and-run driver in Wheeling, these types of accidents do occur somewhat frequently and, without the right coverage, you could be paying medical costs and car repairs from an accident you didn’t cause. Thus, taking the time to investigate multiple Wheeling car insurance policies and quotes is important in makings sure you will be safe on West Virginia roads.


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