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Whittier Car Insurance

Whittier car insurance is required for anyone who is currently driving in the Whittier area. Though this may not seem fair because it requires you to purchase a particular kind of coverage for your vehicle, it is actually to protect other drivers on the road. This is coverage by a type of Whittier car insurance called California auto liability coverage. This kind of coverage is one of the only kinds of insurance that is required for all drivers to have so that the other drivers on the road are protected from incident involving this particular kind of incident. In order to understand what incident this is, you need to understand the basics of liability insurance.

To gain a better understanding of how liability Whittier car insurance works, you should look at it through a certain situation. Once you understand something that can potentially happen that would call for Whittier liability CA insurance, you will better be able to determine why you are required by law to get Whittier car insurance. In truth, getting this kind of Whittier automobile insurance is also protecting you in a more roundabout way.

One Possible Scenario

Let's say that you have three kids. Having three little ones makes your Saturdays rather hectic, so when Saturday morning comes around and your alarm does not go off, you are awakened by three angry little voices calling in from the hallway telling you all of the things that they have to do today. Stumbling out of bed, you get into the shower and manage a quick wash before brushing your teeth and throwing something on.

Walking into the hallway, your first child tugs on your sleeve telling you that he has to get to soccer practice in less than ten minutes. Walking down the stairs, you meet your second child who has to meet with his best friend at the Whittier park so that they can play some CA basketball. Making your way to the coffee machine, your daughter reminds you that today she has to go clothes shopping for her winter outfits. Barely getting your coffee in the mug, six little hands pull you outside to the California car.

After you have made sure that everyone is in the CA car and buckled in, you start driving down the Whittier street. There is some construction, so you have to take a detour around on an older road to get to the park where your child's soccer practice is. While you are driving on the Whittier road, you hit a pot hole which loosens your car brake pads, unbeknownst to you. You keep driving and make it to the Whittier, park where you drop your first child off. Seeing your second child's friend on the other side of the park, you rush him over.

Getting back in the car, your daughter starts telling you all of the color palates and designs that she wants to look for at the store. Distracted, you do not notice that your coffee mug has turned the wrong way and when you tilt it back it spills all over you. Swerving as you try to pat the scalding hot coffee off your lap and shirt, you swerve into the other lane. If your breaks had been working properly, you would have slowed down before you smashed into the car in front of you. Because the breaks of your car were loosened, you end up smashed into another vehicle.

Since this was your fault, you will have to make payments to repair the other car. If you have liability adult or teen car insurance, these expenses will be taken care of by your Whittier vehicle insurance. If you do not have liability insurance, all of these expenses would fall to you. What is more devastating is that the driver of the other car has grounds to take legal action against you. Since you were technically driving illegally, he could press charges and have you thrown in a California jail as well as get fined. However, even if he does not do this, you could still be in danger of legal action once a police report is filed. This is why liability insurance is also there to cover you, albeit inadvertently.

Understanding Your Coverage

There are many different situations that you could find yourself in where you would need Whittier car insurance. However, Whittier auto insurance comes in many other forms that just liability. Though you do not have to be an expert in any form of Whittier car insurance, you should at least know the basics. That way, you can better understand why each form is important to keeping you and your family safe as well as other drivers on the road that might get involved in an accident if you are stressed and tired some Saturday morning.


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