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Will Arnett Gets New Show

Sports and entertainment stories such as recent news of Thierry Henry continue to dominate the news as Will Arnett, the Canadian actor whose main claim to fame was the failed cult TV show "Arrested Development," is back on TV with a new show he costars in with Keri Russell. The show, entitled "Running Wilde", premiered in the fall 2010 season. Will Arnett also acted in the hit series "30 Rock" and has been in numerous commercials and movie roles as well. He also regularly does voiceover work for video games and other media [1].

Early Years of Will Arnett

He attended Concordia University in the city of Montreal, but dropped out after just one semester. After a time he moved to New York to pursue a full time acting career and to study acting professionally. By the mid 1990s he picked up a few roles in television pilots, but the shows were not picked up. Will Arnett also appeared in some minor movies around this time, but his early career was characterized more by missed opportunities than anything else. The television pilots were rejected by TV studios, and one that was got cancelled after only two episodes [1].

A few more pilots came and went with no long term success. Then in 2003 Will Arnett was cast in the quirky program "Arrested Development," the show that would finally bring him at least a measure of fame. Throughout its run on the small screen the series battled low ratings in spite of the fact that the critics were in love with it. His character was particularly popular, and in 2006 Will Arnett was even nominated for an Emmy for the role. Even though it was saved a few times through the intervention of fans, that series did finally get the axe after three seasons on the air [1].

The good news for Will Arnett was that he received some good exposure for his work on "Arrested Development," which led to new work coming in and some nice career turns. He has emerged as a comic actor even though that was never his intent upon entering the industry. He has even done several leading roles in comedic films. Probably his biggest success to date in the movie industry was in a supporting role in the Will Ferrell film Blades of Glory, a box office success.

Will Arnett Guest TV Appearances

In the past few years Will Arnett has been featured as a guest actor on shows such as "King of the Hill" and "30 Rock". He received an Emmy nomination for his work in "30 Rock" [1]. He has continued to act in the movies, mostly in supporting roles. There are some projects in the pipeline for him in which he will play lead, however.

"Running Wilde" with Keri Russell is the latest Will Arnett foray into television acting. With multiple Emmy nod under his belt, it is clear that he knows the craft and that his appeal translates on the small screen. What remains to be seen is whether that appeal can catalyze a true television hit. Critical acclaim aside, Will Arnett is yet to star in a ratings bonanza type of series.

With an ever more diverse body of work, this actor has shown his versatility and a penchant to stick to it even in the face of uncertainty and struggle. His career arc is not something consumers of a free auto insurance quote would call superlative, yet the fact that he's stuck around and kept with it is probably the most impressive point of all. Will Arnett is an accomplished actor, and his new show may solidify his status even more.

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