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Williams is the Funniest Man Alive

Although he might not be as attractive as Ryan Reynolds, Robin Williams is without a doubt one of the funniest people in the entire world. There is no one else who can string together a crazy monologue of so many different crazy topics like he can. Not only can he talk a mile a minute about the oddest things, he also makes these rants hysterical. When it comes to ad-libbing, no one does it better than Robin Williams. Many of his best movie lines were not written before hand, they were made up on the spot by him. The spontaneous flavor of his comedy makes the jokes even more impressive. Most people can't think fast enough on their feet in order to come up with sentences that make sense let alone entertain the audience. Robin Williams was born to be a comedian and over the years has entertained millions of people with his wit and charm.

Born to Laugh

Although Robin Williams went to school to be a performer, he was told to go out on his own and start doing standup comedy so that his talent would not be wasted. At a young age he began to make people laugh with his wild stream of conscience bits that would just roll off the stage. He could do voice imitations that would be spot on as well as humorous. These different voices would spice up his act in a way that would have the audiences rolling in the aisles. Some of his jokes are so off color they will make you blush, while others are so funny you will be laughing so hard you just might cry. Talent like his is a gift and he has not failed to use it to the maximum effect.

Robin Williams is not only a master a stand up, his humor also translates onto the small and big screen. On TV and in films he is one of the funniest men in the business. Many of his lines come from the top of his head and writers are well aware of this. Some of the movies and shows he has been in leave time specifically for him to go off on his famous rants. Even in the Aladdin franchise where he plays the animated genie, he adlibbed many of the lines for his character. Adults and kids alike laughed their way through those films specifically because of Robin Williams. His star power was obvious when the second film bombed after he was not cast as the voice of the genie. The third film did much better when they decided to put Robin Williams back into the magic lamp.

A Serious Side

Although Robin Williams is well known for his comedic performances, he has had a number of serious roles during his career. He has talents not just as a comedian but also as an actor. He can play a brooding character or a mysterious title role as well as anyone. Some people prefer him in the comedy arena, but fans and critics alike have embraced the many sides of Robin Williams and his wacky personality. Just about the only things he hasn't done is star in a broad form insurance commercial, although if he did it would probably be a good one.

Robin Williams has had a long and successful career because of his pure talent. He is funnier than most comedians and more creative than anyone else in the business. No one else can claim to have the great ability that he has. It is clear that Robin Williams will be entertaining audiences for years to come.


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