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Willow Smith Releases first Single

Sports and entertainment continue to dominate the news, first as Nadal wins the US Open, and now as Willow Smith, the nine year old daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, has released her first song entitled "Whip My Hair", under the Roc Nation label owned by music mogul Jay Z. With the release of this song and its popular reception so far, it seems as though Willow is ready to inherit her father's mantle as the family musician. The song has found significant airplay on the radio; and perhaps even more significantly, has been shared at very high rates among listeners online.

Willow Smith Becoming a Star

Just like her older brother Trey, Willow Smith appears ready to step out of her parents' shadow and become a star in her own right. The release of this song and her agreement with Roc Nation demonstrate that she at least has the potential to make a name for herself. In the meantime, there is no doubt she gets the benefit of the Smith family name and all the connections that name can buy.

In recent months, Willow has become ubiquitous at red carpet events, always making a splash with the unconventional fashions she employs. Part of that same mentality appears in the song, in which she says she's not doing anything wrong and that she'll keep doing what she's doing. If anything, "Whip My Hair" appears to be an endorsement of individuality, something that maybe some children her age need to hear from time to time.

With her built in celebrity sealed at birth, Willow Smith has had microphones and cameras in front of her face her whole life, making her curiously well suited for instant success in the entertainment industry. But she is far from the first very young starlet to hit her stride before leaving the family home. And she is certainly right in the mainstream these days as a young person who goes out and does things every day.

Parents Transporting Active Children

Most people will never have an experience with their children like Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are going through with Willow and Trey as far as watching them become famous entertainers and get in on the Hollywood scene. But many parents of young kids these days can relate to the busy schedules many of them keep outside of school.

Between music lessons, sports, church and youth group activities, and other obligations, today's youth are more active than ever, going from place to place at a record pace and bringing their parents with them as chauffeurs. It is great to see an active child who enjoys activity and being with other kids, but it can create a lot of wear and tear on a car and a great deal of stress when a parent has to drive a child around might after might to make it to all of these activities and back home.

We might not have kids like Willow Smith who are attending red carpet events and primping for cameras; but we're certainly similar to the Smith family in the notion of being busy and seemingly busier all the time. Most kids her age are more similar to Willow than they are different. They may never get a record deal like Willow Smith, but there is always travel hockey and gymnastics, or cheerleading and nature clubs to get to.

Protected by Quality Car Insurance

In the case of Willow Smith, it is highly unlikely that Will or Jada Pinkett Smith does all the driving when their daughter goes places and attends different events in pursuit of her new music passion. But for the rest of us, as parents we're constantly in the car driving our kids to and fro, maybe while listening to Willow Smith on the radio. It is critical to be protected by top rate car insurance when your kid gets busy like this and you spend more time in the car.

Auto insurance and good insurance company ratings are always important, but that importance takes on a whole new dimension when our children become like young Willow and begin to outgrow the home. The need to go places and see things is innate in all of us, and as parents it is not something we can really squash in our kids even if we try. It is better to be prepared and protected with a well maintained automobile and quality automobile insurance, just in case.

Children as young as nine year old Willow are more active outside the home than they ever were before. The transportation demands upon parents are incredible these days. It is important to have a safe ride, proper car seats, and good car insurance, even if your name isn't Smith. With her first single Willow Smith may have started a brand new career, but the responsibilities her parents have for her safety are far from over.


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