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Yankees Season Ends in Disappointment

The New York Yankees 2010 baseball season started out full of hope. After all, the Yankees were the World Series champions, coming off of a great year and a conquest of the Philadelphia Phillies in the Fall Classic. They had arrived in spring training with full intention of defending their title. But they never got a chance, succumbing to the Texas Rangers in the American League championship in six games - a disappointment on par with the recent Toyota recall.

New York's Regular Season

The regular season for New York started and ended in Boston's Fenway Park against the Red Sox. They fought a hard battle all year long for control of the American League East with the Tampa Rays, and ended up succumbing to Tampa by just one game. New York won 95 games on the season against 67 losses, not a bad year statistically in a division so tough. Their offense was fearsome, especially when some of their complementary players got going. Names like Curtis Granderson, newly acquired from Detroit, shook off slumps and injuries and started hitting in the second half of the season. The Yankees bats seemed like they were not going to be tamed.

The 2010 AL Playoffs

The team was able to parlay its offensive firepower into another playoff bid via the wild card, which had all season seemed destined to go to whichever team between the Yanks and Rays didn't win the East. It was almost anticlimactic when the team opened the 2010 playoffs by facing off against the Minnesota Twins, the Yankees designated punching bag in the playoffs for years. The series predictably ended in a sweep, with the Twins barely showing any signs of life at all. It was another example that seemed to show once more that Minnesota is happy with hanging Central division championship flags.

ALCS vs. Texas Rangers

All season long there had been a good deal of buzz regarding the possibility of the Yankees and the Rangers meeting in the playoffs, presumably in the League Championship Series since it was assumed NY would play Minnesota in the first round. And of course since this did come to pass, the stars were all in alignment for the Yankees to play the team that stole Cliff Lee right out from under them. This 2010 squad could have been something else with Cliff Lee and CC Sabathia anchoring the front end of the rotation together.

But it was not to be, and Yankees fans would have to wait until the offseason to see how much their team would throw at Lee to try to get him to come out east. In the meantime, there was some baseball to be played, although by all appearances NY was not quite ready for any of that just yet. Before long it was all over, and the Texas Rangers had defeated the defending champs to reach the World Series for the first time. It was over so quickly it might as well have never happened at all, and things like Mark Teixeira's injury wouldn't have had to happen.

The Yankees just did not have the offensive firepower or the pitching to compete with the Rangers. They were outplayed in every aspect of the game. Their season ended on a disappointing note, but as always, the Yankees will be back again next year. This franchise doesn't rebuild; it just reloads. They could buy every New Yorker an online car insurance policy with the money they spend. And that is why they have the burden of always having to be excellent. That burden is something familiar to Yankees fans and to players alike.


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